Autumn Nail Polish Picks

Is it me or has 2014 just flown by? I feel as if it were last week I was doing my "Summer Polish Picks" post...that's a bit of tongue twister haha! Anyway, as it's very nearly October I thought I'd share with you my favourite summer nail polishes! (L-R from above image)

First up is probably my most used, it's the Rimmel London Lycra Pro (in 391  Celebrity Bash). This, for me is just the perfect, classic, deep red. The colour doesn't fade, and it lasts a fair few days before I notice any chipping. I usually apply 2 coats for a solid colour - I will say though, as it's a red polish it does stain the nail so remember to wear a base coat!

Up next is the Kate Moss for Rimmel London, Salon Pro (in 237 Soul Session). This is probably my most used polish, it's a beautiful combination of pink and nude, it's not a baby pastel with a hint of white pink or a mannequin fingers nude - it's somewhere in between the two and I absolutely love it. It's pretty opaque so I'd definitely recommend a 2, maybe even 3 thin coats for a good solid colour!

Moving on, I've always found it difficult to find a green nail polish that wasn't neon bright, or pastel - neither of which go well with fair skin I've found - but this Rimmel London Lycra Pro (in 431 Stormy Skies) is one of my all time favourite polishes - however it would appear that it may have been limited edition...I can not find this in stores or online anywhere! 
On to my more sparkly picks, firstly the Rimmel London 60 Second Polish (in 610 Pompous), again its hard to find online, sorry! It's a really pretty vibrant purple that has a very fine silver glitter in, so fine that it's more of a shimmer, but either way a lovely way to add a pop to darker autumnal clothing!

Finally is the Max Factor, Max Effect Mini Nail Polish (in 18 Cloudy Skies) is the most gorgeous midnight blue I have ever seen! From a distance, on the nail it looks like a very dark navy, almost solid black but up close and when the light catches it, you see it actually contains an electric blue fine glitter/shimmer. It has the same thickness and opacity of the Model's Own Easter collection and in terms of finish when layered like the M.O polishes too. Sometime's I add a silver glitter topcoat to it and it just give the prettiest of finishes!

These are the colours I'm going to be wearing in the following few months, what are some of your favourite Autumn nail polishes? Let me know in the comments below!

V xx