Shoe Collection: Boots

I seem to be one of those people who is either always in summer sandals, or boots, there's never usually much of an in between, but then again the weather here in the UK at the moment is crazy. As I write this post its pretty chilly, looking miserably and grey outside and it probably going to rain at any second - compared to yesterday when it was hot enough to wear a dress and sandals. Anyway enough of the stereo typically British rant about the weather....onto the boots. 

To put it simply, I own too many - it was a struggle and a half to pick these one - but these are the ones I tend to wear most...if you hadn't seen in the image I'm particular about my boot; I tend to pick an ankle boot with a cuban heel, they just go with everything. Moving on...these five are my chosen ones, from my lazy throw on with everything pair to my 'going out' shoe boots! 

*I couldn't find links for them online as some of these are a fair few years old now - sorry!*

Clockwise from left to right:

Black faux suede ankle boots - London Rebel - ASOS 
Cut out, high heeled shoe boots - New Look
Beige western detailed, Chelsea boot - F&F
Black stud and buckle ankle boot - New Look
Black double buckle flat biker style boot - Mum's wardrobe 

What are your favourite autumn/winter footwear choices? Let me know in the comments below!

V xx