OPI Liquid Sand Collection

When an opportunity to browse the beauty aisle at my local T.K Maxx arises, I'm not usually one to turn it down, especially when they have some amazing products for discounted prices. We wont talk about a whole shelf of Illamasqua products that my mum literally had to drag me away from...

Anyway, these beautiful nail polishes are part of the OPI Liquid Sand, Mariah Carey Holiday Collection 2013...yes that's right, a mini Christmas gift set. Now I actually bought a few of these for gifts a few years back and ended up keeping one for myself..and then seemingly forgot about them until I found the box in another box in my wardrobe. 

The full collection consists of 6 colours, of which some in two sets of 3 ranging from a beautiful blues to icy silvers all of which have a matte textured finish that is infused with a touch of sparkle. I picked up the more neutral shades, and decided to tell you guys why I can not get enough of them. First up is a shade called "Make Him Mine" which is a rosy-pink-almost-rose-gold shade with a silver glitter. Then we have "Baby Please Come Home" which a gorgeous dusky purple shade, very glamorous and perfect for a night out. I really like that with the darker polish in this trio you can really see textured finish! And finally we have "Silent Stars Go By" which is a beautiful champagne colour, I actually have this on my nails now as I type and after 3 days I can report no chips! Which is amazing for me because I'm that person that as soon as one nail is chipped the whole lot is picked or taken off as soon as possible.

I like that with all of these shades you can build up the texture and subsequently the sparkle depending on the number of coats you apply. I'm actually on my second application of "Silent Stars Go By" and found that two coats is the perfect sparkle for me.

Oh and a side note...its got glitter in it,..its matte...and textured...it' a pain to get off but it looks pretty so it's worth it right!? Haha!

Are there any polishes I should be looking out for? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to give me a follow on my social media accounts, all of which are linked below!

V xx