Garnier Skin Naturals Moisture Match

Spring is in full bloom now, the weather here in the UK is getting increasingly warmer and before we know it, it'll be summer and for someone with an oily  skin (mostly through the t-zone) I like to dig out mattifying products to keep said issue at bay. I like the fresh and dewy base over the hot and sweaty one and so when I finally had long enough to browse the aisles of the drugstore as opposed to going in with my game face on and grabbing the bits I needed, I found the Garnier Skin Naturals Moisture Match Range. The range retails for around £3.99 aims to target various skin-types and it's general needs, in this instance I picked up the Shine Be Gone Mattifying Fresh Cream for combination/oily skin.

Garnier Skin Naturals Moisture Match

It has a tailored texture and formula, Garnier says it's "Enriched with green tea extract, well known for its anti-oxidant properties, Shine Be Gone will leave your skin feeling beautifully smooth and mattified all day long. You can feel the difference." 

I so wanted to say that I could feel the difference but honestly, I was a bit disappointed. Instead of mattifying, for me this product left my skin with more of a 'healthy glow' which is great if that's the finish you wanted but it wasn't for me. I also found that the 'healthy glow' look didn't last all day, in fact I thought after a few hours I was back to looking sweaty-shiny and that then meant having to re-apply powder more throughout the day. Upon closer inspection of the packaging, and by this I mean throwing the glasses on and pressing my face against the packaging until I could actually read the letters, the product does no contain SPF, which if bought for a similar purpose to me completely disregards the fact you want to use it during those months where the UV rays are more prominent.  All that negativity aside, there were a few nice things I liked about the product. Despite the actual consistency being rather thick, upon application the slightly scented formulation feels lightweight, cooling and absorbs quickly which is great if you're in a bit of a rush.

Maybe my love for the La Roche Posay Effaclar Matt set my expectations too high for mattifying moisturisers, but all in all I just feel a bit indifferent to this product. I'll probably finish the 50 ml tube, I like how fresh and cooling it feels after I've cleansed but I don't think I'll be rushing to re-purchase it.

Could you recommend a mattifying moisturiser and/or primer?
What products are you disappointed with? Let me know in the comments below!

V xx