Facts About Me Tag UK Blogger

Bit of a random mid-week update but I thought I'd share some facts about me, as I don't think I've shared that much since I've been blogging, its a bit of a mix of beauty questions and lifestyle facts...so here we go. 

1. Do you have any sibling, if so how many?
I'm one of six children, the eldest girl but not the eldest of the six.

2. How tall are you?
 Around 5ft 7in .

3. Any hobbies?
Blogging counts right?

4. Do you have any nicknames?
Yeah, in fact I'm rarely called Victoria. I'm known as Tori at home with my family, my older brother couldn't say Victoria when I was first born so he'd say Toria, which then over time shortened to Tori and that's stuck ever since. To my friends, Vicky - Tori never caught on which is a shame. 

5. Do you have any pets? 
 3 Cats. Smudge, my favourite (is it bad to have a favourite?), and then Derek and Clive. All 3 are Tabby boys. 

Facts about Me tag uk blogger

6. Did you go to University?
Yes, I did a Media Studies Degree and graduated in 2014. I'm personally pretty proud of that, it was always something I wanted to do and I think it's such a great accomplishment to be able to say, yes I finished Uni and have a degree. 

7. Do you plan your outfit's the night before or in the morning? 
Again, depends on what I'm doing, if I'm going out or off to an interview then its definitely planned the night before, but if I'm just running errands then it's a first thing I can grab my hands on in the morning kind of thing. 

8. How long does it take you to do your make-up?
It depends on the day and what I have planned. Most days I try to stick with concealer, powder and mascara which takes about 5 minutes, but if I want to wear a full face, maybe 30-40 minutes...I like to take my time ha!

9. Do you do your face or your eyes first? 
Everyday, face first but if I'm wearing (or planning on) a lot of eye make-up I'll do them first as it's easier to wipe away downfall on a bare face as opposed to having to re-apply concealer under and around the eyes. 

10. Do you collect make-up or simply buy what you need? 
A bit of both. I'm a bit of a collector of concealers, I have enough drugstore ones to last a lifetime!

11.Do you wear fake eyelashes?
No, I used to when I was a teenager but absolutely hated them; they always made my eyes sore and itchy...I have since discovered  that I'm allergic to the glue that comes with them; besides I prefer a more natural look on me. 

12 Do you get a salon manicure or do it yourself, also how often do you change your nail polish?
I'm way too fussy to go to a salon - I'm one of those people who paint a few nails one colour and then decide they'd prefer a different one. As for changing it frequently, I go through phases where I wear it until it starts chipping and then I leave my nails bare for like a week or two so I guess it just depends on what I'm feeling. 

There you have it, some facts about me. Tell me something about yourselves in the comments below! 

V xx