W7 Eyeshadow Palette 2015

When it comes to eyeshadow's I feel like we're all on the hunt for that 'perfect' set of affordable everyday nude's. You know the easy to wear and blend, everything all in one palette type of thing. Well, I am at least, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to stumble upon the W7 The Nude's Eyeshadow Palette, it was such  great little beauty bargain to find whilst out Christmas shopping with my mum. 

W7  Nude Eyeshadow Palette 2015

Now I can't actually remember which store I picked this up in, but I do know that I've tried, tested and adore my W7 In The Buff: Lightly Toasted Palette, so I had high hopes for this pint sized palette. At first glance I thought that the two darker shades were matte but they do in fact have the tiniest hint of shimmer, which is fine. In terms of consistency and just like the other palette I own from this brand, each shadow has a soft, chalky feel which means they're really easy to apply and blend. 

W7 Nude Eyeshadow Palette 2015

Over the last few weeks I've been really enjoying an earthy toned smoky eye for everyday and was on the hunt for a brown shadow that I could use all over my eyelid, and the darkest toned shadow from this palette ( first on the left in the above picture) is perfect for that.  That being said and what I really like about this palette is how easy it is to create such a subtle smoky eye from the four shades. from right to left, there's a very subtle peachy shade which is great for a quick sweep over the eyelid to even out skin tone. A pretty highlight for the inner corners and brow bone. A darker taupe shade which I like to use on the outer third of my eyelid and then  the darkest shade which I blend up and through the crease to add a little bit of depth and definition. 

Overall I think this tiny palette is pretty great for how little it cost. The packaging is pretty standard but feels hard-wearing; I don't think it'll break to easily, even if it is thrown around in my make-up bag a fair bit. Because of it's small size it's a great little palette to take with you on your travels! 

Have you found that 'perfect' everyday palette yet? Let me know in the comments below! 

V xx