Alpha H Liquid Gold Review 2017

If you've been following either my blog or my Instagram, you'll know I was fortunate to receive the Marks and Spencer's Beauty Advent Calander from my brother (staff perks are amazing btw!). In this Calander was a whole range of products from hair care to lip balms to nail polishes to make-up brushes, but one product that really stood out for me was the small bottle of Alpha H Liquid Gold. 

This had always been a product on my 'desperate to try' list, not to be confused with the other 'must try' list, but on a list nonetheless. It's a revolutionary cult product that uses a low-ph system to work deep within the skin layers and kick-start the resurfacing process. 

The Glycolic Acid treatment tricks your skin into speeding up the renewing and repairing of your skin. Simply apply a few drops on a cotton pad swept over the face, neck, and decolletage on freshly cleansed skin and that's it. It's no-fuss, perfect for those nights you can't be bothered with your skincare routine (use every alternate night no more than 3 times a week) but feels you need to put something on you know is going to work. 

On my skin, which is acne/breakout prone, I've found that Liquid Gold has essentially brought all the crap that's deeper within the layers of my skin to the surface before clearing them away. For example, too much dairy (especially in the cake's over the Christmas period) and typical female hormones often mean I have reoccurring breakouts around my chin and mouth. After using Liquid Gold for a week, all the bacteria and general crap within my skin had surfaced in a pretty aggressive, sore breakout. An additional week later and that breakout has cleared. Overall, my skin looks clearer, more even and feels smoother. I've found that those tiny, pesky under the skin spots that never surface have cleared away completely.

Alpha H liquid Gold review breakout acne prone skin skincare marks and spencer beauty advent 2016 2017

Having seen the results to my skin that I have, I have to say I'm so impressed by this cult product. As I mentioned earlier I've wanted to try it for a while but never got round to, but all being well I intend to finish the sample bottle and order a full size. I'm currently using this 3 times a week, but as my skin is clearing I'm trying to reduce it back down to two times and eventually once a week. As suggested by Alpha H, I simply apply to a cotton pad and gently wipe over my face and neck (my decolletage is a bit too sensitive to this!). I've found that I often get that little tingle that you tend to get with other acid based toners but within a few second's that's gone. 

(A tingling sensation is fine but if you experience a burning sensation then stop using the product!)

It is worth noting that one problem I have had since using Liquid Gold is that my skin is a bit drier, with noticeable patches of dry skin in areas where I've previously broken out, however, that is nothing that I haven't been able to fix by using a deeply hydrating moisturiser/serum on the day's I don't use Liquid Gold. 

Have you used Liquid Gold? If so, what were the results for you? Let me know in the comments! 

V xx

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