Morning Skincare Routine Prep Simple UltraSun NSPA Vichy

Prepping your skin for the day ahead is always a must for me. I wish I could be one of those who just rolls out of bed, splashes a bit of water on their face, adds a dollop of moisturiser and they're good to go. I wish. My skin needs routine in order to look its best, both in the morning and in the evening. Here's how I use a morning routine to prep my skin for the day and for make-up...

Firstly, I have to wash my face with a cleanser. None of this micellar water on a cotton pad - that doesn't do it for me. I like to use my trusty, holy grail NSPA Hot Cloth Polish massaged into the skin on my face and neck before removing with a hand hot face cloth (flannel). The creamy consistency of this product combined with the nourishing ingredients (sweet almond oil, cocoa butter) leave my skin feeling fresh and moisturised. The Hot Cloth Polish is a cleanser I always have a tube of, my skin loves it! 

Morning Skincare Routine Prep Simple UltraSun NSPA Vichy

After cleansing, I move on to toning. My evening skincare routine will usually have some kind of acid toner included so I try to avoid them in my morning routine as too many can be quite harsh for my skin. That being said, my favourite gentle, soothing toner at the moment is the Vichy Perfecting Toner. There's no alcohol in this toner so there's no stinging, no stripped feeling, just skin that's left feeling rather fresh. To moisturise I use another staple, the Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Moisturiser. Another product I know is just going to get the job the done without causing any reactions. 

Morning Skincare Routine Prep Simple UltraSun NSPA Vichy

As I mentioned before, I tend to use some kind of acid exfoliator/toner in my evening routine, in varying strengths; from things like Pixi Glow Tonic to Alpha H Liquid Gold, some of which are known to potentially leave skin more sensitive to things like sun exposure. Of course, protecting against sun exposure is something we should all be doing anyway and introducing an SPF into my morning routine has been something I've made more of a priority. I've been enjoying using the UltraSun Face High SPF 30  recently. It's UVA and UVB protective and it's non-greasy, fast absorbency formula makes it feel less like a typical heavy duty sunscreen but more like a moisturiser. 

Overall, since maintaining this simple routine, I have noticed that my everyday make-up; which usually consists of a small amount of BB cream, concealer and powder sit's better and last's longer. What does your morning skincare routine look like? How do you prep your skin? Let me know in the comments! 

V xx