Loreal Haul Paradise Mascara True Match Loose Mattifying Setting Powder True Match The One Concealer

Every once in a while I get to the point where the products I use daily all run out at the same time, this time I was on the hunt for three things, a mascara, a concealer and a setting powder. In my never-ending list of products I want to try, there were a few products from L'Oreal that I wanted to try and so when I saw that L'Oreal had (and still has when this is posted) 3 for 2 across their brand at Boot's I seized the moment and purchased all three.

I've always loved L'Oreal as a brand, I know that 99% of the time, any product I try I will love and this mini haul is no different. A little side note before we get into the main body of this post, can we just take a moment to discuss what a great year they have had as a brand!? Everything I've tried this year whether it be makeup or skincare I have absolutely loved!

The first thing I purchased was the Paradise Mascara. The new volume intense mascara has been getting rave reviews across the board and there's a good reason why. Enriched with caster-oil (which is great for lashes), I've found that this mascara lengthens and separates. One coat is great for everyday, but it is buildable if you want a more dramatic look and the best part is there is no fall down.

Loreal Haul Paradise Mascara True Match Loose Mattifying Setting Powder True Match The One Concealer

The whole reason for me buying all these products was that I was in need of a new concealer. I was in need of something that was lightweight, long-lasting with good coverage. I purchased the True Match - The One concealer in Rose Ivory after seeing lots of great reviews online - now, I'm not usually Rose Ivory in shade but I was after something to cover some red areas which is exactly what this does. Its light formula means it has a great buildable coverage that sits well on the skin as well as giving it a dewy, glowing finish that doesn't look caked on or crease during the day. 

I was also in need of a new powder, I had been alternating between a few drugstore mattifying powders which worked fine, but after touch-ups during the day could look somewhat caked or had gathered in places. I knew I was after something similar and whilst scrolling through the L'Oreal section online, found the new True Match Mattifying Translucent Setting Powder. This ultra-fine powder I've found doesn't settle and sits well on top of other makeup. I like how it gives a very natural look and gives me long lasting mattified skin. My only negative is that it's a little bit messy to use as the mesh is set too high above the powder so you really have to give it a shake to get some product up but other than that I've been really enjoying using this. 

Have you tried anything from L'Oreal recently? Let me know in the comments!  

V xx