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As much as I'd like to sit here and say that when it comes to makeup, I know everything like the back of my hand, but that would be a big old lie. I know my beauty basics and what works for me, which means I am more than comfortable to hold my hands up and share the beauty tricks, tips and flicks I am useless at. 

Winged eyeliner. That pesky flick. I used to be somewhat ok with them at senior school, but now they're just all over the place. The line is too thick on one and then I'll try to even the other one out which eventually leads to my entire eyelid (no joke) being coated in a liquid liner. Also, pale skin combined with lashings of black liner just do not look that great on me.

Eyebrows, which are honestly the bane of my life. Out of the five things on my list, eyebrows are probably top of the things I am utterly useless at. As I've talked about, I have pale, fair skin with very very dark brown natural hair colouring. Too much filling in leads to them looking incredibly thick and incredibly dark, as if I've used a sharpie to fill them in. Don't get me wrong, I do groom them, pluck, trim and shape them as well as I can, but I do genuinely fear the over-done, heavy-duty look. 

Wearing lip products. I read something recently, I can't remember where (sorry) that said lipstick was the finishing touch to your makeup, the thing that ties the whole look together, which I agreed with until I remembered that I rarely wear lip products. I can't tell you why but I've always just associated lipsticks and lip glosses as a product to wear when you go out, not necessarily for every day, which probably explains why my collection is so sparse and arguably a bit bland. I can maybe deal with a nude matte shade or a subtle pink hue but for my every day, but I'd much rather a nourishing balm. 

Beauty things I'm useless at victoriabellxo clinique stila essie benefit loreal

Manicures. I like taking care of my nails. I like nail polish and I like painting my nails, but the one thing I like more than all of the previously mentioned is picking off nail polish. For as long as I can remember I've been a serial picker; I would paint my nails all kinds of colours, maybe add in a little nail art...and then not long after they dried (we're talking minutes) pick it all off. So, it only took until university for me to learn that the more vibrant/obvious the colour of the polish the quicker I would pick; so now I tend to stick to a more neutral sheer tone and pray that it'll last for around  3 days! 

Finally, touch up's. I'll do my makeup in the mornings and unless there's a raging red spot that needs some extra attention, rarely do I 'touch up' throughout the day. No reapplying lipstick, no sneaking off to add a little powder to shiny areas on my face, nothing. Again, I'm not sure why, possibly because I never have room for the products in my bag, but it's just not something I actively do. 

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So those were the five things I absolutely useless at when it comes to makeup, what are yours? Let me know in the comments below. 

V xx